Ode to the Chanels

So this past fall a hilarious show premiered entitled Scream Queens. Although the show was very entertaining, I was really drawn in by the fashion particularly of The Chanels . The Chanels are members of the elite Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority and their style is amazing.

An ode is a poem in which a person expresses a strong feeling of love or respect for someone or something. Well I’ve decided to express my respect in FASHION! 


HBIC! She has expensive taste and loves a good fur!

 “These are my minions. I don’t know their names. I don’t *want* to know their names.”

Top | SimplyBe

Skirt | MissGuided

Shoes | Local Boutique

Necklace | Forever 21

Fur Stole | SimplyBe

Chanel 3

She is forever UNBOTHERED! Her style is very chic and she’s always sporting a fresh pair of ear muffs!


“I started acting like I don’t care…but then I realized I wasn’t really pretending…and I actually didn’t care.”





Dress | SimplyBe

Ear Muffs | Charming Charlie (Bedazzled by MOI)

Socks | Asos

Shoes | Local Boutique

Chanel 5

She has a  sometimes conservative style but loves a good sequin number every now and then!

“You can’t change the rules of Kappa Kappa Tau…we can’t have weirdos in Kappa Kappa Tau.”


 Dress | Asos

Fur | SimplyBe

Shoes | BooHoo

Chanel 6

Her style is very classic and girly. She didn’t always have the best style, however Chanel took her under her wing. *sings* “That’s what friends are for!”


“Growing up all I wanted to be was a fashion girl…and then tragedy struck.”




Sunnies | zeroUV

Top | Forever 21

Skirt | Zelie for She

Socks | Forever 21

Shoes | Target

Photo Credit: David Sparkman (Little Bro)

Hair & Make-Up : Nadia Mays (Instagram – PrissyNadi)

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