Blogger’s Closet Sale

After having brunch with some fellow bloggers one Sunday, we thought it would be a cool idea to host a Bloggers Closet Sale. It’s amazing what ideas you can dream up when you sit and chat with like minded creative individuals… shout out to The JD Brunch Series!

Samjah of Style & Energy and  Derra Howard were down and I wanted to recruit two more fashionistas. I reached out to Savanah of Following Sunshine and Michelle West and they were both in!

Britt Smith Photography-JD Series- Backatown-014

We hosted the event at Bacakatown Coffee Parlour on Basin St. It’s a locally-owned coffee boutique where  you can find premiere coffee, espresso drinks, loose leaf teas, juice, fresh baked pastries and desserts; plus free wifi! Their chicken salad croissant sandwich is really delicious. They also host various social events!

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The event was extremely successful and we hope to have another one soon. Thank you to everyone who came out to support! If you missed the closet sale I will be adding pieces to PoshMark! Download the app and check out my closet at @jdseries !

Britt Smith Photography-JD Series- Backatown-021
JD Series at The Bloggers Closet Sale – Britt Smith Photography



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