This month’s Brunch Series was held at Lula Restaurant Distillery. The restaurant is located on St. Charles Ave. and has been open a little over a year. I’ve had dinner there before which was really good and decided to check out their brunch. I was joined by Samjah of Style & Energy, Kineatra of Naturally Nex, Whitney of Whitney J. Decor, Brittany of BEE TRENDI, and Kierra of Jus Kierra. We talked about future goals, stepping out on faith and remaining consistent in our different areas of interests. Some of the ladies received motivational homework assignments and we’ll do a check-in next month. “If you are willing to invest all of your time working for someone else, why not keep that same energy when it comes to your own business and brand?”

The Brunch was really good. I’ll have to say this was my best experience taste wise since I’ve started the monthly series. I had the Pork Roast Grillades & Grits topped with Gravy and a Pan Fried Egg. The dish isn’t plated very nicely but don’t let the look fool you. It was extremely delicious. The Pork Roast was very tender and the texture of the grits were perfect. I will say which was surprising, my mimosa wasn’t that great. I know you’re probably wondering well “How do you mess up a mimosa?”  I don’t know. *giggles* The restaurant was also pretty packed for brunch but the customer service was great. I’ll be making a return. Check out my dish and others below.

For my Brunch Look I went with a the Plus Size Cami Flounce Denim Dress from Forever 21, my Trini Fringe Sandal Heels from Eloquii, that I am just madly in love with and my Bamboo Bag which I purchased from Amazon. You will be seeing this bag a lot this summer. To give the look a little more something something… I went to the local hair store and purchased a scarf to tie around my head. Ya’ll it was a struggle to keep it down though *giggles* my hair was like “Girl you tried it”.  Shout out to my MUA who tied it first and then Kin and Sam who played hair stylist in the restroom. Teamwork makes the Dream work. Let me know your thoughts on the look!

Britt Smith Photography


Check out some street style from the ladies below!


If you still need a Woman Crush Wednesday…I got a few options!

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