I’ve heard so much about The Country’s Club Drag Brunch and Pool that it was definitely added to my list of places to visit. I was dying to see what the hype was about but chilllee the hype did not match the food or the customer service.

We arrived and were seated in our area. The waiter came by and introduced himself. It was our first time there so as you can imagine a few ladies had questions about the menu. Well chillleee our waiter Jake (name has been changed) was not for the questions and was giving extra shade and sass.

Britt Smith Photography

One of the ladies asked the portion sizes for the crab cakes as there were two different prices listed  as such $12/$24. Jake (name has been changed) says “one is an appetizer and one is an entree”. She says ok how many crab cakes in each? He says “one is an appetizer and one is an entree”. She’s like well how many is it one or two? With a whole lot of attitude he says “1 crab cake for $12 and 2 for $24”. She says ok I was just asking…he says “well I was just answering”.

Next someone from the group asked if they could get a Poinsettia. He says no there’s only Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Sodas, Tea, and Water. We look over to another table and someone has what looks to be a Poinsettia. So another guy who was really nice by the way, (shoutout to Zack) was passing by our table and refilling mimosas. We asked about the Poinsettias, he says I don’t know why he told ya’ll we didn’t have it, we have a full service bar. Luckily Zack was able to take care of the drink order. Then there was a  Waffle House reference from shady Jake…chile it was just all bad.

Britt Smith Photography

Now on to the food I had the Traditional Breakfast which included Two eggs, Bacon, Heirloom Grits & a Buttermilk Biscuit. I only enjoyed the grits which were really good and had a unique taste. Most of the table went with either the Crab Cakes, Fried Green Tomatoes or Traditional Breakfast. There were mixed reviews on the Crab Cakes and both ladies who ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes said they weren’t good. I will say I would have given them another try had the Customer Service been better but I won’t be back. The Country Club was a big let down!

Thank you to the ladies that came out Samjah of Style & Energy, Kineatra of Naturally Nex,  Brittany of BEE TRENDI,  Dev of Dev and the City and Kierra of Jus Kierra.

Britt Smith Photography

P.S. I did call and ask to speak to the manager the next day and he had every excuse in the book for the waiter. Literally a rebuttal for everything thing I said.

For my looked I grabbed this cute little spicy jalapeno shirt from Forever 21 when I was visiting NY. It comes in straight sizes too and can be found here. I paired it with a yellow skirt and red heels. And of course my favorite summer bag. (There go that bag again)


Check out some street style from the ladies below!

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