After last month’s brunch experience, Vessel Nola was a breath of fresh air. I stumbled upon the unique church looking building and was immediately intrigued. I called to make reservations hoping they had brunch and luckily for me they did! As soon as we walked in we were seated. The atmosphere is very chill and relaxing. If you are looking for somewhere to meet or hear what the person across from you is actually saying, it’s the perfect place.

Our waitress was very attentive and we never had to look for her. There were some interesting choices on the menu like grilled rabbit. I said I’m going to start being adventurous with my menu choices but I wasn’t ready for that extreme. I meant choosing blueberry waffles over regular waffles…and that’s exactly what I did. Look at me being all adventurous and stuff!

I ordered the Blueberry Waffles which was prepared with lemon curd, cinnamon, blackberry syrup, pistachios and honey whipped cream. Now ya’ll I’m not a fan of blackberries (well why did you get something with blackberry syrup Jazmine? …listen I told ya’ll I was being adventurous) and I didn’t like it but I ate around the syrup plus my side of Andouille Sausage made up for it. That was the best sausage I ever tasted. It was spicy and seasoned perfectly.

I kept saying how great the sausage was and everyone was like ok Jazz we get it lol. The consensus around the table was that the food was good. There were options for our Vegans and Vegetarians  and Whitney who I like to call a Shrimp & Grits Connoisseur said these were her favorite of the restaurants we have attended in the past. She just had one note…leave the shrimp tail shells off..lol. I definitely would visit Vessel again plus there is a late night Happy Hour I want to try!

For my outfit I saw this super cute dress in Ashley Stewart but decided I wanted to switch it up and take the slip from under it and wear a camisole and shorts! I paired my pearl purse that I have been having for 2 years to complete the outfit! What do ya’ll think?

Britt Smith Photography


Thank you to the ladies that came out Samjah of Style & Energy, Kineatra of Naturally NexTracey Wiley, Lori of Vinti, Whitney of Whitney J. DecorDerra Howard and Kourtney!

Britt Smith Photography

Check out some street style from the ladies below!


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