So I finally made it over to Morrow’s. I was dying to see what all the hype was about and chile…the food lived up to the hype.

Britt Smith Photography – Morrow’s

Earlier last week I attempted to call the restaurant several times to make a reservation and ended up leaving a voicemail. I arrived Sunday with my fingers crossed hoping they would be able to seat us. The hostess was very polite. She informed me that they didn’t do reservations and that it would be an hour wait. Usually an hour wait is too long for me but I had already told the ladies to meet here and I’m like ain’t no turning back now.

Sidebar: How long would you wait to be seated at a restaurant?

It turned out to be a little over an hour but hey, I couldn’t be mad the restaurant has only been opened for two weeks and it was packed! I didn’t mind waiting at the bar and conversing with the girls. I was even offered a free shot of tequila while I waited so that was a nice treat.

The restaurant is modern and chic. The music was rolling and the atmosphere was just really dope. Our waitress was pretty cool too…she communicated mostly with her eyes but somehow we knew exactly what she was saying..*giggles*. I was joined by Samjah of Style & Energy, Kineatra of Naturally Nex, Whitney of Whitney J. Decor, Nae of NASCENTBYNAE, Britt of Britt Smith, Jessica half of FatGirlNola and Sumya check out her style here .

I decided to be different and not opt for my usual chicken and waffles. I ordered the Grilled Salmon with Asparagus and Parmesan Grits. The grits were good but the salmon was seasoned perfectly…like perfectly. It’s definitely something I would order again and I highly recommend it. See some of the other dishes that made it to our table below.

We even ran into New Orleans’ young Mogul Larry Morrow who owns the restaurant with his mom, Lenora Chong.

Britt Smith Photography


I’ve been waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can bring out my hot pink dress. I paired it with gold earrings, my Target mules and my pineapple sunnies to complete the look!

Britt Smith Photography


Sunnies | Spread LA

Dress | ASOS

Shoes | Target


JD Brunch Series – March

This month’s pick was Feelings Marigny Cafe, Bar & Courtyard Lounge. This was my second time visiting the restaurant. The restaurant went through a few changes for the new year and I wanted to see the improvements. The atmosphere is pretty nice and there is a beautiful courtyard located in the back of the restaurant. Plus any place with bottomless mimosas is sure to get a second visit out of me! The conversations were flowing and the laughs were plentiful.

The service however was really slow…like really. Our waitress was super sweet but it was like she was the only waitress in our area serving about 6 tables. She was also the hostess, she was probably the bartender too because I ordered bottomless mimosas but I never got a second one lol…babygirl was so busy she might have even been the chef! She did apologize for the service and comp’d the mimosa so I’m not ready to give up on Friendly’s yet…may be a while before I go back but I’m not giving up on them.

I ordered the Country Fried Chicken & Hoe Cakes. Someone asked if I misspelled the dish’s name when I uploaded it to Insta-Story…nope it’s Hoe Cakes…lol. The Hoe Cakes weren’t your typical pancake, in fact it was made of cornmeal. They were topped with fried chicken fried to perfection and blueberry syrup. It was delicious and I would recommend it. See some of the other dishes that made it to our table below.

I love connecting with like minded creatives and I’m going to remain consistent with this series. I learn so much every time we brunch. I invited Samjah of Style & EnergyDerra Howard, Kineatra of Naturally Nex, Whitney of Whitney J. Decor, Nadia of Dulce Events & Design and Sumya check out her style here . I also had my girl Britt Smith capture the magic! It was a really great time per usual!

March JD Brunch – Britt Smith Photography

And you know I couldn’t miss a chance to capture some street style!

Britt Smith Photography


Sunnies | spreadLA

Top | Asos

Shorts | Forever 21

Shoes | Target

It’s Still Boot Season

The weather has been extra crazy in New Orleans lately. Now it’s normal to experience different seasons in one month, however it’s just been on a new level. I decided to pair my CiCi Hot boots with a dress I purchased from Curvie Kouture. It was a little short on me so I added a pair of black denim shorts. The image was super cute but what attracted me most to the dress was the sleeves. I love a dramatic Sleeve and these were made of tulle! I figured this outfit was perfect for the bipolar weather.

Britt Smith Photography

Now the boots…this was my second time wearing them. My calves are usually too big for boots in the straight sizes category and a tad too small for boots in the plus size category. I am always on the hunt for boots that stretch. So without question, I went back to CiCi Hot because it was where I purchased my pink suede thigh high boots that I am madly in love with. Well these were a struggle to pull up over my calves, so if you think your calves are bigger than mine…don’t buy them.

Britt Smith Photography

I am also trying to find more statement pieces when it comes to jewelry because I will wear out a gold hoop and simple necklace chile. Lately, I’ve been able to count on H&M to have some popping statement earrings, (I did purchase these before the “coolest monkey in the jungle” incident…are we still mad at them?) the one located on N Peters in the French Quarters is my favorite.


Britt Smith Photography

I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit!

Earrings | H&M

Dress | Curvie Kouture

Boots | CiCi Hot

The JD Brunch Series

Some of you know that I had my first event two years ago. “The JD Series Brunch”, the idea was to have fashionable ladies attend the event, serve brunch and shop vendors. The event was actually extremely nice and well attended for my first event and the guests were able to enjoy a fashion show by L’Jai Amor, free manicures from Cartina’s Eye Catching Nails, bottomless mimosas and live fashion sketches by Kentrice of Ken 6 Studio.

There was only one problem, the Chef totally screwed me over. He arrived inebriated and went missing for half of the event. When he finally decided to come back,  he had Walmart bags with eggs, sausage, and skillet potatoes. Mind you the menu was shrimp and grits, live omelet stations, quiche, fruit, steak kabobs, salad and pasta. Ya’ll the 9th Ward/7th Ward was about to come allll the way out lol. On the inside I was devastated and embarrassed but I had to remain calm and professional. I know ya’ll are probably wondering well who is the chef (spill the tea sis) but he’s not getting any publicity from me and shall remain nameless.

I didn’t let this small hiccup which seemed major at the time stop me and I went on to have two more successful events; but The JD Series Brunch was still in my heart. I decided that instead of  doing a big event annually, I would invite local fashionistas and creatives out monthly to different brunch spots and call it “The JD Brunch Series” (see what I did there). I was inspired by my girl Vanessa Lundy of VanaVain’s monthly coffee talks. I think there is so much that we can learn from each other, like my sis Kandice Guice says “No Competition, Just Motivation”.

I hosted my first brunch at Cavan on Magazine St. It’s a super cute and unique restaurant with an antique feel. The menu is very different as well and the price ranges between $15-$30 for an entree. I had the chicken salad on croissant which are both made in house. The food was delicious and the drinks were great.

I invited Jessica of Justini Cocktails, Samjah of Style & Energy, Derra Howard, Kineatra of Naturally Nex, Yasmine of Yazzle Dazzle and Aaronesia of REMEDY 88. We discussed our brands, the industry, laughed over brunch and toasted to life. I also had my girl Britt Smith capture some street style! It was a really great time!

Britt Smith Photography

Body Suit : Fashion Nova

Skirt : Forever 21

Shoes : Asos

Purse : It’s Fashion

Check out some street style below from the Ladies!

TOO Extra

I had so much fun putting this look together. I literally started with the “Fashionably Late but Worth the Wait” graphic tee from Forever 21.(sorry it’s sold out) Then I went shopping in Rue21 where I found these Gray Houndstooth High Rise Pants. I was like this would be cute with my fashionably late tee but I need a pink fur to set it off. I searched high and low and there she was…waiting for me at Fashion Nova. It comes in straight sizes as well. So then I was like well what shoes should I pair with this? I looked in the shoes section and low and behold there were these Pink Metallic Booties. I’m like ok I am totally doing these! They come in silver as well. Some might say the fur and boots is too extra but I take it as a compliment. Also my sunnies are from Spread LA!

Britt Smith Photography – Photo was take at the Catahoula Hotel
Britt Smith Photography – Photo was take at the Catahoula Hotel
Britt Smith Photography – Photo was take at the Catahoula Hotel


So this is 31…like guys I really can’t believe I am 31 lol. God allowed me to see 31 years. I am truly blessed…”Ain’t No Complaints” I know we all have a few things we wish were different like bigger salaries at your job or you may want to lose a few pounds, but if you think about it those are very minor changes. You’re alive! You have your sight, you can walk, you still have your mom or your dad, when I sometimes want to complain I think about how blessed I am and what others may not have.

I’m predicting that year 31 will be a great one. More traveling, more boss moves, more slaying, more life!

I decided to bring in my birthday at the Pisco Bar located in The Catahoula Boutique Hotel. I ordered the Ican75 which is a play on the French75. It was delicious! My Donna Sequin Embellished Mesh Skater Dress from ASOS was the perfect birthday dress! I felt so sparkly! The dress is on sale so hurry if you want to purchase it!


Ican75 at the Pisco Bar – Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography


Pisco Bar – Britt Smith Photography
Cheers to 31! Britt Smith Photography

The Glitz Mix

I’m the girl that loves to dress up but I am over the club scene! I am on a mission to create fashion related events for the gal and guy like me. With two events under my belt I wanted to do something fun with a special attire component. I knew if I brought on another girl boss the event could realllllyy be successful. Who better than Jessica of Justini Cocktails! We met to exchange ideas and Voila, The Glitz Mix was created. Jessica and I both love to be in charge lol, so I did initially think it would be a sort of tug a war over our ideas but we didn’t disagree on anything. We actually meshed really well and it was the perfect partnership!

We knew we needed a bomb and unique venue for this holiday soiree and The Art Garage was perfect. Definitely, needed great food so Ginche Catering was the one to call. Some super cute and tasty sweets from Rosa Cakes, LLC. Drinks were taken care of by Justini of course. We also wanted our guests to have access to the best vendors in the city so they could start their Christmas shopping. We even had a special Glitz Mix coupon book and to seal the deal we had Dj Kristi Suga Cookie!

We asked that all attendees wear sequin attire and boy did they show up and show out! Everyone looked so beautiful and sparkly! See Gallery Below!

I was on the hunt for the perfect look but knew I wouldn’t find it in any stores. I contacted the one and only Paige of L’Jai Amor at the last minute to see if she could design a look for me. Paige made the look in a week she’s a beast ya’ll! I wanted a sequin jumper with a dramatic train. She definitely nailed the design. Let me know what ya’ll think!

The Glitz Mix




Shoutout to everyone who supported the event. And a special thank you to our vendors and sponsors, we really appreciate you all!