Creatives Link Up – November

I had such a great turnout and response from the first Creatives Link Up that I decided to host a second one this month. I first found out about the Catahoula Boutique Hotel in February when I did my Birthday shoot. I immediately fell in love with the courtyard. From the furniture to the floors it’s really a dope space. I knew I wanted the event to be outside but I was torn between the Pisco Bar Courtyard and Rooftop. With New Orleans crazy weather I was really taking a chance with an outside event. I decided on the Rooftop and I am so glad I did.

We tried the Smashed Mala Cukes from Midnight Noodle. I’m starting to live a little when it comes to eating different dishes. It’s not something I would typically go for but it was pretty good. It was sort of like a spicy cucumber stir-fry. The drinks were pretty unique and delicious as well. My favorite is the Incan 75, it’s their take on the French 75.

I want to shoutout everyone who came out to the meet-up. It was a really good group. We had people from all career paths..bloggers, marketing execs, engineers, hospitality professionals, etc. You don’t have to be a blogger to come to this meet up. All creatives are welcome! I just ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to mingle with some dope people.

Britt Smith Photography-JD Series-Link Up-Catahoula 005

Jacket | Fashionnova

Dress | Forever 21 (similar)

Boots | ShoeNami (similar)

 Big thanks to the Catahoula for letting me host the event there. The space would be perfect for any event and ya’ll should definitely check it out. I haven’t decided how often I will host these or where I want to see this event go but I’m just going with the flow and I like it. Check out more scenes below.


Typically when I pick a brunch spot, it’s based on the look of the venue. I go for cute, unique and picturesque restaurants and hope the food is good. So it was no surprise to my guests when Jack Rose was next on the list. After seeing the restaurant posted several times on social media, I was dying to go. There were so many photo worthy moments but we decided to capture a photo in front of the signature Lil Wayne painting.

Britt Smith Photography-JD Brunch-Jack Rose 036
Britt Smith Photography – Jack Rose

Now if you’re attending Jack Rose be prepared to spend a little more than you typically would at other restaurants. This is a fine dining establishment and the menu is definitely that. I ordered the Steak + Eggs with Crispy Potatoes and opted for the bottomless Veuve Clicquot for $25. It was really delicious. The steak was cooked perfectly and the potatoes were seasoned just right. Whitney who I like the call the Shrimp & Grits connoisseur had absolutely nothing bad to say about Jack Rose’s. She only wished that her portion was larger. I also thought it was neat that the Caesar Salad was prepared table side.

Steak + Scrambled Eggs with Crispy Potatoes
Steak & Scrambled Eggs with Crispy Potatoes

Check out some of the other dishes below.





The conversations were really good for this month’s brunch. We discussed an array of topics from engagement groups to mental health. We learned a lot more about each other’s platforms and future plans. I was joined by Samjah of Style & Energy, Whitney of Whitney J. Decor, Dev of Dev and the City, Shavoi’ of High on Beignets, and Chaila of Baeology.





This was also a special brunch because it was my first sponsored one! I was able to gift the ladies some jewelry from Mignon Faget.





When you think of Jewelry in New Orleans, Mignon Faget comes to mind. It has been a staple jewelry brand since 1969. My assumption was that it was always pricey but there are some nice affordable pieces! Check out the Delta Dangles,  Double Strut Studs Earrings and Tri Strut Necklace!

For my look I picked up the cutest Faux Leather Wrap Skirt from the Loft Plus Launch Party at the Lakeside Shopping Center to go with my Leopard Print Shirt (similar) from Pretty Little Thing. I added my Black Ankle Boots from Asos to complete my look. The weather was perfect and it was the first hint of fall!




Check out the other ladies looks below:




3 Years in the Game

As I sat here staring at my my computer I encountered writers block. My friend asked what is this post suppose to be about and I said “my 3rd Blogaversary and I can’t think of what I’ve accomplished”. She said girl a lot, “The JD Brunch Series, you did the Glitz Mix, and this and that”. It’s funny that you don’t always realize how much you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come. We all need that reminder every now and then. I’m thankful for the family and friends who acknowledge hard work and have no problem reminding you.

Britt Smith Photography-Jd Series-Anniversary 005

But 3 years has really flown by and when I look back I have accomplished several blogger goals. I wanted to:

  • Be more consistent with posting. When I tell ya’ll it’s a struggle. Most people don’t know all the work it takes to get that pretty little picture. Plus I’m juggling a 9-5, event planning business, brand management business, etc. But I love what I do, I love blogging, I love fashion, I love inspiring confidence. So if I can put all that time into someone else’s business I for damn sure can put it into my brand and business.

I also wanted to….

  •  Have at least one fashion related event per year. I’ve been really consistent with my JD Brunch Series for influencers, Jessica(Justini Cocktails) and I made The Glitz Mix an annual Soiree and I have created a new Creatives Link Up Series so I am keeping myself very busy.


  • Start taking better care of my hair and trying new styles. I made an effort! I attended the What’s Your Type? Natural Hair Affair, I’ve been trying twist-outs, and found a better wash-n-go routine.
Britt Smith Photography

Now there is one goal I haven’t mastered and that’s make-up but luckily I have my good sis Ri Make Faces for that!

Britt Smith Photography

Now I’m definitely not finished learning and growing but I think I’m on the right path. I’ve met so many girls bosses doing their thing and it’s so inspiring. I’ve been putting in work and it can only get better from here. I just be needing a “Temperature Check” as my Soror Isaka would say every now in then to realize what I have accomplished and to pat myself on the back.

Britt Smith Photography


I also want to give a big shoutout to my family because they come through for me time after time. Here I am thinking that’s just what families do but not everyone has that support. I am truly blessed and when I get “on on” I’ll make it rain on them like the photo above!

P.S. my photographer Britt did the damn thing with this shoot! See more photos below!

What’s Your Type?

I have never been great at doing my own hair. I decided to go natural 3 years ago and the only style I have mastered is a puff! I decided to put more focus on my hair this year and try new styles. When Kineatra of NaturallyNex stated she would possibly be doing a Natural Hair event I’m like girl do it! Please! There are others like me who are clueless and need every bit of information we can get.

I call on Kineatra for everything natural hair related, from what products I should try to if I should detangle before washing. She never gets tired of those questions either so I am grateful!

Kineatra and I

The event was held at Nola Spaces and featured a Natural Hair panel of experts which included a chemist…yes a chemist, Natural Hair demos by Strawberri Curls, a music performance, free h’orderves by Chef Shaka, cocktails by Justini Cocktails, and a swag bag with a bunch of awesome brands from Shea Mositure, Auntie Jackie’s, Love of the People and more. I left her event with so much information and more confidence to try various styles!

For my look I put on a simple and comfy white pants romper from It’s Fashion. White after Labor Day! *gasp*


Creatives Link Up

Anyone who knows me knows I love networking, meeting new people and learning from others. I started my monthly JD Brunch Series because I would see where blogger meet-ups were hosted but none of the attendees look like me.  As the saying goes, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” So that’s what I did, I reached out to a few other bloggers, fashion and beauty influencers and the brunch series was formed. I’ve gotten such a huge interest from non-blogging creatives and male friends that I decided to kick off a Creatives Link Up Series.

Britt Smith Photography-JD SEeires- Loa LinkUp-031
Britt Smith Photography

The event was held at the Loa Bar located in the International House Hotel. I stumbled on the hotel while working during Essence. The lobby was extra comfy, smelled divine and Lauryn Hill playing at the bar….can you say sold?! I am always looking for picture worthy and unique venues and the bar  was definitely that. The drinks were super cute and delicious. Shoutout to the best bartender Nick for keeping everyone’s glasses filled!

So here I am thinking I was just going to have about 20 people in attendance and about 50 came through styling and profiling! I had 3 Rules for the night. Introduce yourself to all the attendees, Post Post Post and use the hashtag and last but certainly not least, I challenged everyone to create a fashion worthy moment in the hotel! I chose the restroom. I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful one.

Britt Smith Photography

oh and the Lobby Too….

Britt Smith Photograph


Top | PuckerUp Nola (may have to contact her directly for shirts)

Pants | Pretty Little Thing

I was so inspired to be amongst so many go-getters. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event! Stay tuned for more events and check out more scenes  below!

I want to give a shoutout to my blogger boo Sam for creating the “Ultimate Moment”. If you need a pose instructor hit her up!

Britt Smith Photography-JD SEeires- Loa LinkUp-012
Britt Smith Photography, brittphotosmith, New Orleans Photographer, metairie photographer, JD Series

H-Town Ya’ll Ready?!

My cousin and I decided to go see Queen Bey and Jay in Houston for the OTRII Concert. My cousin convinced me to fly with Spriti Airlines. With all the horror stories I’ve heard, I have to admit I was a little  nervous. Spirit prices are extremely reasonable. They make up their fees with baggage charges, preferred seat selections, snack purchases etc. Spirit allows you to bring one personal item on board for free. I  wanted to stay within budget so I forced everything in a bag I borrowed from my aunt. I was so proud of myself! Usually I travel with a personal item, carry on bag and bigger luggage. Now granted I was only in Houston for a day lol but you get the point. Give a sister her props.


The plane was actually bigger than expected, I had enough leg room and we had the sweetest and most hilarious flight attendant on the way back. Oh they also did a free flight giveaway.

For my look I wanted to do something extra fun, comfy and Coachella like. I decided on a Sequin Fringed Jacket (similar), White Tank, Black Ripped Denim Shorts, and some Lace Up Heeled Combat Boots. Let me know what you think in the comments.

And shoutout to my cousin for these photos. You know that person that will get your photo no matter what…you know won’t huff and puff…that’s her. Thanks EEEE! We had so much fun at the concert.

Now ya’ll know I couldn’t travel to Houston without doing brunch. We linked up with two other cousin to dine at Phil & Dereck’s. It’s a black-owned restaurant that does a brunch buffet on Sundays. They had an omelet station, waffle bar, and $3 Mimosa Carafes…yes $3!!! The food and music was so good that it’s easy to forget you have a 2 hour time frame. It’s definitely the happening brunch spot so if you plan to go…go early because the line was almost wrapped around the block.

It was definitely a Sunday Funday! After brunch my cousin took us to The Address which is a sports bar/restaurant with a day party scene. The crowd is young and hip…definitely my type of crowd. The DJ was from New Orleans so he threw in a couple of N.O. Hits into the rotation. From Soulja Slim to Magnolia Shorty, he had the place rocking. We had so much fun that it was hard to leave.


For my look I wanted to be cute and casual. I through on this satin romper that I purchased last year from Forever 21 and my new favorite tennis shoes from Ego Official.


Overall I had a fun little weekend getaway. It was definitely needed.

JD Brunch Series – August

I’ve been to Elizabeth’s once before and thought it was a cute restaurant. As the curator of the brunch series, I am always on the hunt for cute and picture worthy locations. It’s located in the Marigny and Bywater area. I was a little bummed to find out they didn’t do reservations but as long as we arrived at the same time it would be all good!

Some of the ladies arrived Fashionably Late so we didn’t get to sit immediately. The restaurant was extremely busy and it was a little wait for larger parties. We headed to bar on the second floor to wait for our table. Jamming to Biggie, I sipped on my $12 Mimosa in the Signature Elizabeth’s cup. The mimosa was pretty good, but I’m warning you..don’t get the $6 mimosa it’s tiny lol. A couple of the ladies who ordered the $6 ones were a bit taken aback lol. Sidenote: The bar had really good music. Some of the ladies ordered Bloody Marys which I heard were also good.

Once we were seated, the conversation flowed as usual. We talked about everything from insomnia remedies to goals for the fall. The reason I host these monthly brunches is for creatives to connect and have genuine conversation. All of the ladies are so dope and down to earth. This series is really the highlight of my month.

The service was really great at Elizabeth’s. Our waitress was very attentive. I had a taste for catfish so I ordered the Bayou Breakfast. It wasn’t as pretty as some of the other dishes but it was really good. My catfish was fried perfectly. Elizabeth’s has a pretty unique menu with dishes like the French Toast Burrito and the Duck Waffle which is a Sweet Potato and Duck Hash on top of a Corn Bread Waffle with Pepper Jelly. I think next time I’ll be a little more adventurous and go for the waffle. Overall the group enjoyed their brunch.

My original look for brunch was totally different. Pretty Little Thing messed over me with the shipping but Raquel of SpreadLA/The Geeked Collection came through in a clutch. The brand sells sunglasses, straight sizes and plus. I saw this set and thought it was perfect. I paired it with some flat sandals and a clutch. It was very comfortable and easy to wear. Let me know what ya’ll think!

I always look forward to the group shots. The ladies always bring so much personality. Thank you to the ladies that came out Samjah of Style & Energy, Kineatra of Naturally Nex,  Tracey Wiley, Kierra of Jus Kierra, Whitney of Whitney J. DecorDerra Howard, Dev of Dev and the City, Aaronesia of REMEDY 88 and Sumya check out her style here!

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Check out some style from the other ladies!