So this is 31…like guys I really can’t believe I am 31 lol. God allowed me to see 31 years. I am truly blessed…”Ain’t No Complaints” I know we all have a few things we wish were different like bigger salaries at your job or you may want to lose a few pounds, but if you think about it those are very minor changes. You’re alive! You have your sight, you can walk, you still have your mom or your dad, when I sometimes want to complain I think about how blessed I am and what others may not have.

I’m predicting that year 31 will be a great one. More traveling, more boss moves, more slaying, more life!

I decided to bring in my birthday at the Pisco Bar located in The Catahoula Boutique Hotel. I ordered the Ican75 which is a play on the French75. It was delicious! My Donna Sequin Embellished Mesh Skater Dress from ASOS was the perfect birthday dress! I felt so sparkly! The dress is on sale so hurry if you want to purchase it!


Ican75 at the Pisco Bar – Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography


Pisco Bar – Britt Smith Photography
Cheers to 31! Britt Smith Photography

The Glitz Mix

I’m the girl that loves to dress up but I am over the club scene! I am on a mission to create fashion related events for the gal and guy like me. With two events under my belt I wanted to do something fun with a special attire component. I knew if I brought on another girl boss the event could realllllyy be successful. Who better than Jessica of Justini Cocktails! We met to exchange ideas and Voila, The Glitz Mix was created. Jessica and I both love to be in charge lol, so I did initially think it would be a sort of tug a war over our ideas but we didn’t disagree on anything. We actually meshed really well and it was the perfect partnership!

We knew we needed a bomb and unique venue for this holiday soiree and The Art Garage was perfect. Definitely, needed great food so Ginche Catering was the one to call. Some super cute and tasty sweets from Rosa Cakes, LLC. Drinks were taken care of by Justini of course. We also wanted our guests to have access to the best vendors in the city so they could start their Christmas shopping. We even had a special Glitz Mix coupon book and to seal the deal we had Dj Kristi Suga Cookie!

We asked that all attendees wear sequin attire and boy did they show up and show out! Everyone looked so beautiful and sparkly! See Gallery Below!

I was on the hunt for the perfect look but knew I wouldn’t find it in any stores. I contacted the one and only Paige of L’Jai Amor at the last minute to see if she could design a look for me. Paige made the look in a week she’s a beast ya’ll! I wanted a sequin jumper with a dramatic train. She definitely nailed the design. Let me know what ya’ll think!

The Glitz Mix




Shoutout to everyone who supported the event. And a special thank you to our vendors and sponsors, we really appreciate you all!

No Competition…Just Motivation

Looking back I honestly can’t think of a time where I was jealous of someone. I know some of you are like “girl stop lying, you done been jealous before” but seriously I can’t! I never envied a person for what they had. If anything I was motivated.

I’ve learned that everyone has their own journey and it may seem as though their journey is moving a little faster than yours but God has your own story planned out for you. Everything will happen in “due time but until then just grind”.

I don’t see other creatives in my industry as competition. I am always looking to see what I can learn from them. Recently I collaborated on an event with Jessica of Justini Cocktails. We both have had several successful events on our own so I decided to reach out to her and see if she wanted to collaborate on “The Glitz Mix”. It was the perfect partnership, I was introduced to her audience and she was introduced to mine. We put our brains together and produced the most successful event I have had thus far. Her work ethic and go-getter attitude constantly motivates me.

I am motivated by Kandice Guice, my linesister and friend. I started my blog 2 years ago and in all honesty I had been slacking. Seeing Kandice launch her blog and reaching major success after a few months inspired me to get my life together. I said you know what..I’m going to be consistent, plus her checkins via text every once in a while also helps lol

Sidenote: Now I am competitive when it comes to UNO and Taboo, like nobody can see me. For real for real but any who…

There are many girl bosses I have benefited from just by getting to know them. You could miss out on a major opportunity trying to compete. Empowered women empower women…don’t be basic.

Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography


Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography

Shirt : Kandice Guice Collection

Leather Jacket: Forever 21(similar)

Jeans : Fashion Nova

Check out some other fab bosses rocking the Kandice Guice Collection!

Samjah, http://www.styleandenergy.com
Kim, http://www.kimbeauxstyles.polyvore.com


Destiney, http://www.joyinmysoles.com

On Track

Is anyone else addicted to Target? Like when you go in you just want to buy everything. This is not a sponsored post. I repeat this is not a sponsored post, HOWEVER Target if you want to sponsor ya girl get at me. Every time I visit Target I head straight for the Dollar Spot then to the clothing. I’ve been wanting to try the Track Pants trend and was excited to see some at Target. I paired the pants with a light sweater with fancy sleeves, red pumps and my favorite gold earrings. Let me know what ya’ll think!


Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography


Earrings : H&M

Sweater : Target

Pants : Target


Anything for Selenas

Who else was a Selena fan?! Where’s my Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Crew?! At a young age I loved her music. Didn’t know what I was singing but music is the universal language right? I also appreciated her style!

Recently I have been noticing a bunch of Selena shirts at different retailers, so I had to grab one. I paired it with a patent leather skirt, a long denim jacket and flat booties for a casual cool look. I also added my fur purse for a classy contrast. Will you be grabbing a Selena Tee? Let me know what ya’ll think?

Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography
Britt Smith Photography


Denim Jacket : Rue 21

T-shirt : Forever 21

Skirt : Forever 21

Boots : Forever 21


Year 2!

No balloons or confetti this year for my blogiversary. Just a promise to myself and readers to be more consistent with my posts and continue to bring you more unique fashion related events.

The year has flown by and I want to thank my mom and bro for filling in as my photographer when needed, my besties Wit and Nu who were my personal assistants on my very first shoot lol and when I needed my make-up and/or hair done. Everyone who constantly like and leave positive comments on my posts; and those who have attended, sponsored and participated in my events!

In this short period I have learned a lot through other fellow bloggers as well as personal experiences.

  • Blogging isn’t for everyone. You must love it in order to remain consistent. You have to treat it as your job. There’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes in order to present great content.
  • You must have your coins in order. It can get pricey. Set a budget. When you first start out you’re not going to receive free wardrobe or products immediately. 90% of the clothing I wear is purchased by me and about 10% has been sponsored. You’ll need a really great camera or photographer to capture your style. Plus if you suck at makeup like me, you’ll need a bomb.com make-up artist. (If that’s the look you’re going for. I am here for the natural glow as well)
  • Build relationships! This is not a competition, at least not for me. I love connecting and collaborating with other bloggers. You can learn so much by sharing information with other creatives in the industry. I love my blogger babes, be sure to check them out: Sam of Style and Energy, Kin of NaturallyNex, My sissss Kan of Kandice Guice, Bri of Confessions of A Beauty & Style Blog, & Elle of Lola Me Up!
  • And most importantly BE YOU! As the saying goes everyone else is taken.

At the end of the day it’s a learning process and I am still learning. I am excited to see what year two has in store. It can only get better from here!

Now about this outfit, I’ve had this Ashley Stewart’s top for a minute now and I have been dying to wear it. The sleeves are to die for and I think off the shoulder tops are flattering on everyone. I paired it with some bell-bottom inspired black pants from Forever 21 and my favorite heels from Steve Madden. P.S. ya’ll are going to see these shoes a lot. Because I love them…okay? Okay.


Photo by Britt Smith Photography


Photo by Britt Smith Photography


Photo by Britt Smith Photography


Top | Ashley Stewart

Pants | Forever 21

Shoes | Steve Madden

The Jeunesse Dorée presents Garden of Fashion

My second event Garden of Fashion was a huge success. In my opinion New Orleans lacks fashion related events so I wanted to do a unique event for the spring. The party took place at the beautiful Hotel Storyville. Guests enjoyed food provided by Chef’s Aid, LLC and cocktails by Justini Cocktails. There was a beautiful fashion show with designs by L’Jai Amor. Her collection was entitled “Garden of Fashion” which was so fitting for the occasion. I also had some of New Orleans hottest vendors that included Ugly Betty/Boy Crush, Summer Halves, Divaneeds, Kyst by Key, Shop With Tené, and PerfeklyFlawed. It was literally Food, Fashion, Cocktails & Fun! Visit the events tab for scenes from the event!

When I was on the hunt for the perfect outfit for my event, I wasn’t going for a specific look. I just knew I would have a “That’s It” moment! This ASOS textured jacquard dress with Japanese Cherry Blossom prints went perfectly with the theme. The flutter sleeves were to die for and the off the shoulder style was perfect for the weather. I paired it with some single strap silver heels. 





 photo Credit: David Sparkman Jr.